image by Helge V. Keitel

The COSI program offers two distinct, complementary courses related to cultural and linguistic diversity:
COSI 260 Multicultural Aspects of Communication &
COSI 261 Multicultural Aspects of Communication Disorders

Majors and non-majors are welcome to enroll in one or both courses.

Certain aspects of these two courses are overlapped regarding broad topics about race, cultural and linguistic diversity within the US. However, these courses differ in that a main focus of COSI 260 is on intercultural communication whereas a main focus of COSI 261 is on the assessment and intervention techniques of communication disorders in multicultural groups.

COSI 260 places a strong emphasis on the unique cultural backgrounds that people bring to the communicative setting. COSI 261 places a strong emphasis on learning about cultural humility while embarking on a career in healthcare.

Both courses fulfill the Global and Cultural Diversity requirement for all undergraduates and both courses can be used to fulfill the COSI major program requirement for Multicultural Communication.

Broad overview of COSI 260:
COSI 260 explores the deep culture and the unique cultural backgrounds that people bring to the communicative setting. This includes a study of family structures around the world, an overview of different world religions, history and identity. We discuss traditional and non-traditional families in the changing landscape. We cover key historically scarring events in world cultures such as invasions, wars, violence, slavery, racism, and genocide. We also cover great achievements in art, music, literature and inventions created by different cultures. Along with history, we highlight current events, activism, civil rights and how people work together and use their voice to promote change. We discuss LGBTQ issues, gender identity, individuals who are differently abled, corporate identity and various subcultures within a culture. We learn about cultural values and how different cultures incorporate those values in how they communicate.

Broad overview of COSI 261:
COSI 261 (Multicultural Aspects of Communication Disorders) focuses on discussions surrounding implicit bias, racial and ethnic diversity in the US, racism, intercultural communication, subcultures surrounding race, ethnicity, second language learners, LGBTQ, disability, etc., and unbiased clinical  assessments. Topics related to healthcare and best practice with a specific focus on communication disorders (for example, hearing loss, language impairment, etc.) are woven throughout the curriculum. The majority of students that take this class are non-COSI majors.