Clinical Psychology Graduate Training Program

The APA-accredited graduate training program in clinical psychology at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) offers doctoral education and training in the science and practice of clinical psychology. Our program follows a scientist-practitioner model. We prepare students to integrate the science and practice of clinical psychology, to be effective teachers, and to provide empirically-supported treatments in a variety of settings. Students conduct research projects throughout their time in the program, working closely with faculty mentors. Our graduate training also includes teaching opportunities and supervised clinical experience at a wide variety of placement sites throughout northeast Ohio. We are proud of our training program and are happy to help answer any questions that you might have. Arin Connell, Ph.D. (Director of Clinical Training)

Clinical Program News and Highlights

Sweat could provide clue into who develops PTSD

Within four hours of a traumatic experience, certain physiological markers—namely, sweating—are higher in people who go on to develop posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), according to a new study by Alex Rothbaum, a pre-doctoral researcher in the Department of Psychological Sciences, and researchers at other institutions. Around 90% of people...

The Association of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (ABCT) recently featured our PTSD Research and Treatment Lab, directed by Dr. Norah Feeny!

L to R: Kathy Benhamou, Allison Baier, Norah Feeny, Alex Rothbaum, Alexandra Klein, and Alexandra Bowling Please visit ABCT’s Featured Lab page here to read more about Dr. Feeny and our graduate students. To learn more about the lab, please visit the PTSD Research and Treatment Lab’s webpage here. Congratulations!  

Psychologist James Overholser and his colleagues combat an upsurge of hopelessness

Psychologist James Overholser and his colleagues combat an upsurge of hopelessness By Alexander Gelfand Spring | Summer 2019

Congratulations Silvia (Rodriguez) Hernandez!

Congratulations Silvia, on receiving a graduate studies travel award to present her poster (master's thesis), "Suicide Among Young-Old and Old-Old Adults," at the 2019 American Society on Aging Conference in New Orleans, LA, April 15-18.

Welcoming Dr. Sarah Hope Lincoln

The Department of Psychological Sciences is thrilled to welcome Dr. Sarah Hope Lincoln, who is expected to join our faculty as an assistant professor starting in July 2019. Dr. Lincoln's research focuses on social functioning and social experiences that increase risk for psychiatric disorders.