The following faculty members are interested in interviewing applicants for the clinical program for the upcoming academic year.

Below are members of the clinical psychology faculty who are interested in accepting applications. To learn more about a faculty member’s area of interest, click on his/her name below.

Arin Connell, Ph.D.
Norah Feeny, Ph.D.
Sarah Hope Lincoln, Ph.D.
Amy Przeworski, Ph.D.

Other members of the Psychological Sciences faculty can also admit students into the clinical psychology program. If the faculty member you would like to work with specializes in Developmental, Cognitive, and Affective Sciences or pediatrics, you will also be assigned a clinical area advisor who will help to monitor/guide your progress through the clinical parts of the program.

Anastasia Dimitropoulos, Ph.D.

Once you have found a faculty member on the list above that you would like to work with, visit our application page to begin the process!