Suggested Sequence of Required Courses (45 credits)

This is the suggested sequence of courses for COSI Majors – an individual student’s sequence may differ.




Freshman PSCL 101 General Psychology (3) COSI 109 Introduction to Communication Disorders (3)

COSI 211 Phonetics and Phonology (3)

COSI 260 Multicultural Aspects of Communication (3)

PSCL 230 Child Psychology (3)

COSI 220 Introduction to American Sign Language (3)

PSCL 282 Quantitative Methods in Psychology (3)



COSI 325 Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech & Hearing Mechanism (3)

PSCL 375 Research Design and Analysis (3)

COSI 313 Language Development (3)

COSI 321 Speech and Hearing Science (3)

COSI 355 Introduction to Linguistics


COSI 352 Introduction to Clinical Practice in Speech-Language Pathology (3)

COSI 370 Introduction to Audiology (3)

COSI 345 Communication and Aging (3)

*COSI 109 is offered in the Fall and Spring semesters. All other COSI courses are offered only one semester per year, as noted above.

*Undergraduate students may elect to take 400 or 500 level graduate courses with departmental/instructor permission.

Program Electives

COSI 101, Introduction to Health Communication

COSI 221, American Sign Language 2

COSI 261, Multicultural Aspects of Communication Disorders

COSI 305, Neuroscience of Communication Disorders

COSI 340, Advanced Health Communication

COSI 357, Acquired Neurogenic Communication Disorders

COSI 390, Independent Study (opportunity to develop knowledge in an area of specialty)

COSI 395, Honors Program (opportunity to complete an independent research project under the guidance and mentoring of a faculty member in the COSI program that fulfills and goes beyond that SAGES Capstone requirement)

COSI 580, Aural Rehabilitation (for those applying to graduate school in Communication Sciences and who have completed COSI 370)

Recommended Electives to Compliment the major requirements:

ANTH 306 Anthropology of Childhood and the Family
BIOL 114 Principles of Biology
BIOL 116/117 Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology
EDUC 304 Educational Psychology
ENGL 379 Topics in Language
ENGL 317 Business and Technical Writing
ENGL 310 History of the English Language
PHIL 385 Philosophy of Language
PSCL 290 Adolescence
PSCL 317 Health Psychology
PSCL 344 Developmental Psychopathology
PSCL 350 Behavior Genetics
PSCL 353 Psychology of Learning
PSCL 357 Cognitive Psychology
PSCL 370 Human Intelligence
PSCL 382 Psychological Measurement
PSCL 393 Experimental Child Psychology.

Course descriptions may be found here