Case Western Psychological Sciences faculty conduct cutting edge interdisciplinary research on the brain, memory, behaviors,

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speech, swallowing, clinical disorders, learning, expertise, play, perception, and many other topics. We encourage students to become involved in research, especially those who plan to go on to graduate school in psychology. Research experience provides students with the opportunity to learn more about the scientific process and to get to know faculty members and graduate students in the department better. Additionally, research assistant experience provides opportunities for faculty to know you and write letters of recommendation on your behalf. Some research experiences can even sometimes result in student authorship on papers and conference presentations, both of which are helpful if one wants to pursue graduate school.

To learn more about faculty members’ research topics, please see their profiles.


Research Methods Class

We recommend that all psychology and communication sciences majors take Research Methods, PSCL375 during their time at CWRU. This course teaches you foundational information about conducting a literature search, evaluating the scientific merit of existing research, creating hypotheses, and designing studies. The course is offered in a small seminar and involves a large number of exercises and experiential learning.  Research Methods is also a pre-requisite for many of the department’s Capstone courses.


Research Assistant Experience

If you are interested in becoming more involved in research, please look at the faculty profiles and contact professors whose research interests you via email. Please send professors your unofficial transcript and CV/resume if you have one. Due to the large number of students who want to serve as a research assistant, it sometimes takes several semesters to find a lab with available research assistant slots. Don’t give up! We highly encourage you to take this opportunity to learn more about research



Looking to be a participant in research?

Please see the SONA system for students in PSCL101 and PSCL375.

Research News

Spartan Showcase – Amber See

Major: Communication sciences Minor: Psychology Year: Third year Language plays an integral role in how we communicate thoughts, ideas and feelings,  but we may not always appreciate its significance. The reality is millions of people are impacted by communication disorders—and Amber See is on a mission to help ensure their voices are...

2022-23 Freedman Faculty Fellows announced

The Freedman Center for Digital Scholarship at Kelvin Smith Library has announced the selection of the 2022-23 Freedman Faculty Fellows. The annual fellowship program supports tenured or tenure-track faculty as well as clinical research faculty and aids these researchers in integrating digital tools and technology into their work across...

Meet Rebecca Constacia: A fourth-year psychology and premed student from Puerto Rico

Rebecca Constancia was raised on the northern coast of Puerto Rico in the municipality of Toa Baja—a place where she felt a sense of community, no matter where she went. Though she’s hundreds of miles away from the Carribean island, the fourth-year psychology and premed student didn’t have to sacrifice...

Congratulations Hailey Chu, 2022-2023 Social Justice Institute Graduate Research Fellow!

She joins 4 other social justice leaders from across various disciplines who will utilize financial support from the Social Justice Institute to complete their research. Hailey's research involves "The Association Between the Model Minority Myth and Authenticity on Asian American Advocacy and Mental Health."

Psychology’s Rita Obeid calls attention to the psychological consequences of Lebanon’s economic crisis

Rita Obeid, instructor in the department of psychology at Case Western Reserve University College of Arts and Sciences, collaborated with Sabine Saade, professor of psychology at the American University of Beirut, to discuss the impact of Lebanon’s economic crisis on the nation’s psychological well-being in a recently published article.“An...

Participate in CWRU research study on gaslighting

You are invited to participate in Case Western Reserve University Department of Psychological Sciences’ research study about your personal experiences with gaslighting and emotional manipulation. More specifically, this study investigates experiences you have had in your personal relationships where you have felt invalidated or your sense of reality has...