Early Intervention Developmental Specialist Certificate:

An Early Intervention Developmental Specialist is a professional who is trained to work with individuals with disabilities by implementing strategies, curricula, and interventions, in addition to working with families to support child skill development. This Early Intervention (EI) certificate is for individuals who are interested in working with young children.

Two different Certificates can be obtained:

  • Case Western Reserve University
  • The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities


University Certificate: 
Students must apply for the university certificate upon completion of the program requirements listed below. The required 16 credits occur in a standard sequence over a 15-month period.

Required Courses
COSI 431 (2 credits) Medical Aspects of Developmental Disabilities: Theory and Practice
COSI 452A (2 credits) Graduate Clinical Practicum I: Case Management
OR PSCL 432A Early Intervention Graduate Practicum A: Foundations for Interpersonal Communication
COSI 452B (1 credit) Graduate Clinical Practicum II: Professional Issues
OR PSCL 432B Early Intervention Graduate Practicum B: School Practicum and Foundations for IPC
COSI 600 (2 credits) Special Problems and Topics
PSCL 433 (2 credits) Early Intervention Child Psychology: Infant and Toddler Development
PSCL 434 (2-3 credits) Early Intervention I: Theories and Practice
OR PSCL 435 Early Intervention II: Evidence Based Practice
Choose two of the following: (5-6 credits)
PSCL 425 Methods of Assessment I
PSCL 434 Early Intervention I: Theories and Practice
PSCL 435 Early Intervention II: Evidence Based Practice
PSCL 436 Introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis


Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities Certificate: Students must apply separately to receive the Ohio certificate. More information can be found here.

In line with the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities, the Early Intervention certificate provides training and skills in areas that are specific to different categories that are integral for early intervention training. See below the list of categories and sample approved courses:


Ohio DoDD Approved Course Category
PSCL 433: Child Psychology: Infant and Toddler Development (2 credits) Infant/Toddler growth and development
COSI 600: Medical Aspects of Disabilities Seminar (2 credits) Disabilities and risk factors from birth
PSCL 434: Early Interventions: Theory and Practice (3 credits)* OR PSCL 435: Early Intervention II: Theory and Practice (2 credits)* Family-centered services and supports
PSCL 425: Methods of Assessment (3 credits) Evaluation and Assessment
PSCL 432A&B: Introduction to Inter-Professional Collaboration (2 credits) Team collaboration
COSI 431: EIRSTP Summer Practicum: Medical Aspects of Developmental Disabilities (2 credits) Individual Family Service Plan Development, Intervention Planning, and Service Delivery

*Only one of these two courses (PSCL434 or PSCL435) is required for the state certificate.

In addition, Developmental Specialists must complete 10 orientation modules. For information about accessing these modules please click here.