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The Department of Psychological Sciences represents the combined strengths of the fields of psychology and communication sciences. We offer two undergraduate majors: Psychology and Communication Sciences, as well as two minors: Psychology and Communication for Health Professionals. Students can tailor their experience to meet their own career and educational goals. This can be accomplished in many ways, including through independent studies and experiential learning opportunities with faculty, honors Capstone projects, and Pathways. Pathways provides student with guidance to structure coursework based on their specific career interests. Pathways include Clinical, Lifespan Development, Pre-Health, Neuroscience, and Research. Students may choose several Pathways that meet their needs.

We also provide graduate programs, including a masters in Communication Sciences, and three Ph.D. programs: Communication Sciences, Clinical Psychology, and Developmental, Cognitive, and Affective Sciences (DCAS). Our Ph.D. students conduct cutting edge research, learn effective and engaging pedagogical skills, and those in Clinical Psychology and Communication Sciences programs learn to provide empirically supported treatments in a variety of settings.

Department News and Highlights

Graduate student Zoe Perrier addresses vaccine hesitancy

Article by Zoe Perrier, graduate student in the Department of Psychological Sciences, and Adrianne Fletcher, assistant professor and assistant dean for diversity and inclusion at the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences Regarding hesitancy toward the COVID-19 vaccine, about half the population is in the “movable...

Communication Sciences-MA program ranked #45 of best graduate programs

According to the US News and World Report, CWRU's Communication Scienes-MA program is ranked #45 of the best graduate programs in the U.S. It is the only program in Northern Ohio to rank in the top 45 programs. Speech-language pathology is a competitive field for those who wish to help...

SpeakEasy Makes Things Musical

Since the start of COVID-19, many people have been forced to get creative in order to continue doing their jobs and serving their communities. Jean Nisenboum, instructor in the Department of Psychological Sciences’ communication sciences program, is one of those people. For over 25 years, SpeakEasy, a CWRU program, has...

Maddy Oskowski (COSI-MA) to receive OSLHA scholarship!

Communication Sciences-MA student Maddy Oskowski was informed that she will receive $2000 for her 2nd place finish in the Ohio Speech Language and Hearing Association Scholarship competition. Her message to the program: "Thank you again for nominating me and for providing me with such amazing opportunities--I am extremely fortunate to be...

Listen to Dr. Lincoln’s new podcast!

Dr. Sarah Hope Lincoln recently did an episode for the podcast elated: A Mental Health Podcast, titled Understanding Mental Illness.  You can listen here: https://anchor.fm/elated/episodes/Dr--Sarah-Hope-Lincoln-Understanding-Mental-Illness-eqeccs

Lauren Calandruccio selected for the Louis D. Beaumont University Professorship II

Since joining the department in 2015, Calandruccio has contributed to the advancement of the understanding and approach to working with and rehabilitating people that are hard-of-hearing, now she’s been selected for the Louis D. Beaumont University Professorship II. Read the full article here: https://artsci.case.edu/artsci-update-archive/lauren-calandruccio-selected-for-the-louis-d-beaumont-university-professorship-ii/  

You don’t need ‘natural talent’ to be good at something says Brooke Macnamara

Medium: Brooke Macnamara, an associate professor in the Department of Psychological Sciences at the College of Arts and Sciences, is cited for her research into the extent that practice of activities contributes to excellence and expertise. Read the article here: https://medium.com/moments-matter/you-dont-need-natural-talent-to-be-good-at-something-51e9165e04ac  

Congratulations to COSI undergraduate Isabella Beninate for for winning first place in the Schuberts@Intersections competition

The Schubert Center for Child Studies announced the winners of the fall 2020 Schuberts@Intersections competition. To celebrate and encourage students whose research is focused on children or adolescents, the Schubert Center sponsors a competition for recognition each semester during Intersections. The students’ research covers a wide range of topics...