Current Students

Christina Cartwright
I am interested in becoming a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and working with children under the age of 18 who have developmental delays or disabilities.



Eve Chipman
My interests lie in the use of Early Intervention for children with developmental disabilities, such as Autism Spectrum Disorder. I look forward to working in clinic settings and generally getting a feel of where my interests could be put to use through the many placement opportunities offered in this program.



Myleah Avant
I am interested in obtaining a strong foundation of developmental psychology in this program in preparation for pursuing a career as a clinical psychologist.


Ruby Pine
I am interested in researching Music Therapy as a therapy for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), specifically children with verbal & communication complications related to ASD.
Ruby’s Portfolio



Claire Collier
I am interested in providing resources regarding healthy development to children and families in low socioeconomic statuses, & in researching autism, and directly working with children with autism.



Rantia Sabbah
I am interested in researching the effects of trauma and conflict in different cultural contexts, on cognitive development and behavioral changes in children and adolescents.
Rantia’s Portfolio





Nadeh Alomari
I look forward to working at different placements with a variety of demographics to better diversify my skills for future use.
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Molly Easly
My core interest lies within the psychological development of medically fragile children, particularly those with a cardiac history. Additionally, I have a broad history and passion for working with children with autism spectrum diagnoses as well as other developmental disabilities. While I would ultimately love to find myself in a hospital setting working with these demographics, I am also intrigued by the effect of experiential therapies on these populations and hope to forward peer reviewed research to that end.





Katie Moore

A lot of my previous experience has been in an observing and teaching setting. I am excited that this program will give me a lot of opportunities to explore other potential areas and interests to be able to learn from professionals and work with children.
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Doroteja Rubez

My main interests lay in the realm of atypical childhood experience and its effects on higher cortical functions. Specifically, I am interested in manners in which adverse childhood circumstances affect language development and executive functioning. Additionally, I would like to examine early intervention strategies that could remedy for disadvantageous adaptations of atypical/adverse contexts during early upbringing.




Graduated Students


Patrick Cerri

My main research interest is in the field of early intervention, particularly among children with learning or behavioral disabilities. I am especially interested in working in school settings to help children who are struggling to achieve their academic and social goals.
Patrick’s Portfolio





Zoe Perrier

I am interested in providing intervention and support to young children with developmental delays or disabilities. My research interests include the effect of stigma towards individuals with autism spectrum disorder on their education and treatment. My goal is to improve access to early intervention in environments where these services would otherwise not be available.  
Zoe’s Portfolio


Laura Cameron

My career interests are working with children with congenital and acquired developmental and behavioral challenges and their families. I am interested in the intervention and treatment of these kids as it relates to improvements in behavior, social interaction, and academic performance. One specific area of interest to me is the impact of neurotypical peer interaction on social and academic development in kids with developmental disabilities.