Thinking about pursuing a bachelor’s degree in psychology at CWRU?

There are many reasons to major in psychology. You may want to learn more about the brain, emotions, cognition, social behavior, or psychological health. Psychology is a very broad field and there are many different tracks from research to practice, or both, in a wide range of areas. Pursuing a bachelor’s degree in psychology at CWRU can help jump start your career as a therapist, counselor, consultant, teacher, lawyer, researcher, or physician, just to name a few.

Gain breadth in psychological topics as you learn about the neural bases of emotions, types of psychological disorders, how we learn and create memories, and how children develop in our lecture courses. Further develop that knowledge in small seminar courses with our professors while you learn about how to evaluate and conduct scientific research, learn about psychophysiology, and develop your own research projects.

Although graduate degrees are required for some careers, only about 40 percent of students who pursue a bachelor’s degree in psychology go to graduate school or professional training after they graduate. A much greater number of students go directly into the workforce.

Why choose Psychology at CWRU?

The Psychology faculty at CWRU focus on teaching as much as research and blend these together seamlessly! For instance, students are offered a small hands-on research methods course, and a number of senior Capstone course offerings. In these courses, students get to know faculty and dive into their own research ideas.

A number of our Psychology majors go on to work closely with research faculty to develop their research ideas into fully functional studies. SOURCE offers small research grants to undergraduate students for studies that require funding. Many of these projects become presentations at international conferences or even publications, including in top-tier Psychology journals!

Past projects have included a research study on how Rubik’s Cube training influences problem solving performance, a meta-analysis on the effectiveness of growth mindset interventions in classrooms, and survey studies on the LGBT community.

To learn more about the accomplishments of our students and the cutting edge research being conducted by our faculty and students check out our highlights below.  Please also check out our brochure. We hope to see you next fall!


Spartan Showcase: Aja Leatherwood

Year: First-year Major: Communication sciences Photo of Aja Leatherwood Growing up in Cleveland, Aja Leatherwood knew of Case Western Reserve University thanks to its location in her own backyard. She was accustomed to seeing faculty, staff and students’ successes in the news, and as time passed she aspired to join their ranks. Upon...

Cheer on Grad Competitors at Three Minute Thesis!

Psychology Ph.D. student Kathleen Pait will be competing. Friday, February 25, 12:45 - 3:00 PM in the Tinkham Veale University Center (livestream option will also be available)   Boxed lunches and drinks will be served at 12:15. Snacks and drinks will be available later in the afternoon. View the event agenda here.   Register to Attend: Visit...

Students learn in 3D using HoloAnatomy

Having the opportunity to interact with the human body has a much different experience than watching a presentation or looking at photos in a text book. Rachel Mulheren, assistant professor in the Department of Psychological Sciences, can attest to this after a semester of utilizing HoloAnatomy with HoloLens to teach...

Lauren Calandruccio’s IMPACT Program receives additional funding

Lauren Calandruccio’s IMPACT Program in the Department of Psychological Science launched in September 2020. Since its start the program has gained traction, attention and now additional funding to continue. Learn more about the program and its recent success in The Hearing Journal’s October cover story.

Case Western Reserve University named best college in Ohio in new study

WalletHub named Case Western Reserve as the top college or university in Ohio for the third year in a row. Kenyon College was No. 2, followed by Oberlin College. For the third straight year, Cleveland's Case Western Reserve University has topped the list of the best colleges and universities in...

Lauren Calandruccio acknowledged for creating mentorship program for minority students in communication sciences

Lauren Calandruccio, associate professor of communication sciences and the Louis D. Beaumont University Professor II at Case Western Reserve University, was featured as part of the cover story in the latest publication of The Hearing Journal. In collaboration with Hampton University, a historically black college and university, Calandruccio worked...

Student IMPACT: New Program Promotes Diversity, Inclusion in Audiology

Student IMPACT: New Program Promotes Diversity, Inclusion in Audiology The United States is home to a racially, ethnically, and culturally diverse population. In contrast, there is remarkably little diversity among audiologists. Drs. Jessica Sullivan and Lauren Calandruccio are determined to help change that. Dr. Sullivan is an Assistant Professor and...