Ph.D, & M.A. University Of Cincinnati

Stacy L. Williams, Ph.D is the Chief Operating Officer of Allied Health Media LLC, a world leader in virtual speech-language pathology education and information. She currently is a licensed speech-language pathologist in the state of Ohio and is an adjunct assistant professor at Case Western Reserve University in the Communication Sciences Program. Stacy was the Director of the Virtual Immersion Center for Simulation Research at Case Western Reserve University and the Website Technology Director for the Ohio Speech Language Hearing Association.

Dr. Williams earned her master’s degree and Ph.D. in communication sciences and disorders from the University of Cincinnati. She has experience as a clinical speech-language pathologist specializing in pediatric speech-language disorders, school based issues and AAC/technology, and as a researcher and lecturer in the area of pediatric language development and disorders. Dr. Williams is one of the virtual simulation pioneers for speech-language pathology, launching the first immersive simulation-training center specializing in communication and science disorders (CSD) for students and patients alike. A patent was submitted and granted for her innovative work in 2006 titled: Situated Simulations for Training, Education and Therapy. She has presented on the topics of virtual world technology, immersive virtual reality systems, simulations and serious gaming applications for the speech-language pathology profession for the past 10 years at various state, national and international meetings.

Dr. Williams has extensive research experience in developing content and Web-based applications for and other technology grant funded projects. This has included developing the following: a web based virtual simulation program for speech-language pathology students in the state of Ohio through the Ohio Department of Education Ohio Masters Network Initiatives for Education (OMNIE), interactive virtual reality patient-based scenarios for student assessment through the Joint Commission on National Dental Examinations (JCNDE), American Dental Association, an interactive immersive virtual reality (IVR) simulation program for training students best practice diagnostic procedures for children with speech and language disorders through a presidential research initiative grant from Case Western Reserve University and online interactive games/resources for children with speech and language disorders and their family members through the AT&T Excelerator competitive grant program with the Cleveland Hearing and Speech Center.

Dr. Williams’ most recent focus has been in the development of a new virtual simulation technology – to develop a series of web based case study simulations to promote best practice models for school-based assessment in CSD. These online simulations promote learning in a safe, controlled, learner-centered environment wherein students can repeatedly practice a range of knowledge and clinical skills within an interactive video game like setting. These simulations known as SimuCaseTM evaluate students’ clinical decision making skills and performance based on ASHA preferred practice patterns for assessment targeting a variety of communication disorders.

Dr. Williams has published several research articles and abstracts in a variety of peer reviewed journals and electronic formats including the American Journal of Distance Education, the American Speech Language Hearing Association Perspectives in School Based Issues, the American Speech Language Hearing Association Perspectives in Telepractice and the Apple Learning Interchange. She was invited to present her research findings at the Higher Education Leadership Summit at Stanford University. Recognition for her research, teaching and service commitments have included: the J. Bruce Jackson, M.D. Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Mentoring, the Thompson Hine LLP, Woman of Excellence recognition for research, scholarship and accomplishments, the Northern Ohio Live Award of Achievement for Science and Technology and the Singular Publishing Scholarship by the Council of Academic Programs for Excellence for Innovative Instructional Technology Project in Communication Sciences and Disorders.

Dr. Williams’ wide range of interests and expertise in simulations, virtual world technology, communication disorders and Internet technologies has focused her professional mission on preparing students, professionals and clients for tomorrow’s complex challenges; making virtual simulations one of the world’s most effective learning applications.