Spring 2024 SchubertCenter@Intersections Winners!

On behalf of our Schubert Center Director, Anastasia Dimitropolous, and the Schubert Center team, we would like to express our appreciation for your help with the SchubertCenter@Intersections competition on April 19, 2024. Your thoughtful assessments allowed us to award prizes to deserving students, supporting individuals whose work will benefit children and adolescents in our community and beyond. The competition was very tight this year. We had a lot of great posters, and we know your job was difficult. The winners are:

  • FIRST: Dave Ki,  The Lived Experiences of Minority Caregivers of Children with Special Needs: A Focus on Social Support and Well-being, mentor Dr. Rita Obeid
  • FIRST: Shivangi Nanda  Beyond Reality: A Comprehensive Review of Imaginary Companions and their Impact on Children’s Socio-emotional Development, mentor Dr. Anastasia Dimitropoulos
  • SECOND:  Adrian Palumbo,  Select positive allosteric modulators promote the forward trafficking of NMDA receptors containing the pathogenic GluN1_S688Y variant
    1. Joelie Montgomery,  Examining the Role of Race and Ethnicity among Caregivers of Autistic Youth: A Qualitative Analysis, Mentor Rita Obeid
    2. Mikaela Elliot,  Having their Voices Heard: Evaluating the Role of Community in Coping when Raising a Child with Special Needs in Minority Communities, Mentor Rita Obeid
    3. Duc Knoa Le,  The Relationships of Prenatal Cocaine Exposure and Experiences of Victimization to Aggression in Adolescence – Mentor Lynn Singer