Heath Demaree

Professor | Emotional & Cognitive Processing


Mather Memorial Building 126B

Other Information

Specialty: Psychology

Research Interests

Generally speaking, Dr. Demaree’s research interests involve the interaction between emotional (“hot”) and cognitive (“cold”) processing. Although his particular interests are described below, he supports the work of graduate students who fall within this relatively broad research umbrella.

Current Projects

Dr. Demaree is currently most interested in “exploration” versus “exploitation” decision-making, and understanding how personality variables and decision-making preferences (such as delay of gratification discount rate) may relate to exploration-exploitation decision-making. He would ultimately like to understand how different emotions (e.g., fear, happiness, etc.) affect exploration-exploitation decision-making preferences. Although the great preponderance of his research involves humans, he is also interested in how these constructs may work in other animals, too.

Graduate Student Research Assistants

Amanda Merner
Rock Lim
Kyle LaFollette

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