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Department of Psychological Sciences

Department of Psychological Sciences

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Name Title Email Phone
Angela Ciccia Assistant Professor 216.368.5385
Arin Connell Associate Professor 216.368.1550
Heath Demaree Professor 216.368.6468
Anastasia Dimitropoulos Associate Professor 216.368.3471
Julie Exline The Armington Professor 216.368.8573
Norah Feeny Professor 216.368.2695
Robert Greene Professor 216.368.6473
Anthony Jack Associate Professor 216.368.6996
Barbara Lewis Professor 216.368.4674
Brooke Macnamara Assistant Professor 216.368.2681
Todd McCallum Associate Professor 216.368.6470
James Overholser Professor 216.368.2852
Amy Przeworski Assistant Professor 216.368.5021
Kathryn Rothenberg Instructor 216.368.2556
Sandra Russ The Louis D. Beaumont University Professor 216.368.2814
Elizabeth Short Professor 216.368.2815
Lee Thompson Chair, and Professor 216.368.6477
Jennell Vick Assistant Professor 216.368.3352

Other appointments

Name Title Email Phone
Patricia Burant Full-time Lecturer 216.368.2681
Jennifer Butler Full-time Lecturer 216.368.2378
Barbara Ekelman Adjunct Professor
Bernard P. Henri Adjunct Associate Professor
Doug Hicks Adjunct Associate Professor
Kathryn McNeal Full-time Lecturer 216.368.2385
Darlene Moenter Adjunct Assistant Professor
Jean Nisenboum Full-time Lecturer 216.368.3351
Shirley Prok Instructor
Stacy Williams Adjunct Assistant Professor


Name Title Email Phone
Krystal Archibald Research Assistant 216.368.6110
Susan Baab Research Nurse 216.368.2001
Elle Brennan Research Assistant 2163680338
Christopher Davis Research Assistant
Lesa Dieter Research Assistant 216.551.1089
Michelle Foye Research Assistant 216.325.7540
Lisa Freebairn Research Assistant 216.368.4674
Kori Kosek Department Administrator 216.368.6469
Patricia Maar Department Assistant 216.368.2470
Kellie Shaffer Secretary 216.368.2686
Jessica Tag Research Assistant 216.368.1536
Cynthia Teare Secretary 216.368.2686