Kelsey Magee

Clinical Psychology
Mather Memorial

Other Information

Research Areas: Child Clinical Psychology

Area of Specialization – Child Clinical Psychology

Research Advisor/Mentor – Arin Connell, PhD

Research Interests – I am broadly interested in understanding the etiology of depression, substance use and externalizing disorders across childhood and adolescence using multimethod, longitudinal approaches that integrate psychosocial and neurobiological (i.e., EEG) risk and protective factors.

Selected Publications and Presentations
Magee, K., Connell, A., Dishion, T. (2018). The role of substance use in the development of depression and substance use disorder from late adolescence through early adulthood. Society for Prevention Research. Washington, DC.

Magee K, Connell A. (2018). Effects of binge-drinking and depression on cognitive-control processes during an emotional go/no-go task in college-aged adults. Society for Research on Adolescence. Minneapolis, MN.

Magee, K., Connell, A., Dishion, T. (2018). Physical health functioning in adolescence predicts substance use and depression in young adulthood. Society of Pediatric Psychology Annual Conference. Orlando, FL.

Keenan, K., Hipwell, A. E., McAloon, R. L., Hoffmann, A., Mohanty, A., Magee K. E. (2017). Concordance between maternal recall of birth complications and data from obstetrical records. Early Human Development, 105, 11-15.

Keenan, K., Hipwell, A., McAloon, R., Hoffman, A., Mohanty, A., Magee, K. (2016). The effect of prenatal docosahexaenoic acid supplementation on infant outcomes in African American women living in low-income environments: A randomized, controlled trial. Psychoneuroendocrinology, 70, 170-175.