Kathy Benhamou


Mather Memorial

Other Information

Research Areas: Adult Clinical Psychology

Area of Specialization – Adult Clinical Psychology

Research Advisor/Mentor – Norah Feeny

Research Interests – My primary research interest is in PTSD treatment outcomes and processes. I am most interested in investigating empirically supported treatments for PTSD, and specifically, understanding for whom these treatments work best and studying underlying mechanisms of improvement with the intention of optimizing care. Additionally, I am interested in the dissemination and implementation of evidence-based practices for PTSD.

Selected Recent Publications & Presentations:

Brown, L. A., Zang, Y., Benhamou, K., Taylor, D. J., Bryan, C. J., Yarvis, J. S., Dondanville, K. A., Litz, B. T., Mintz, J., Roache, J. D., Pruiksma, K. E., Fina, B. A., Young-McCaughan, S., Peterson, A. L., & Foa, E. B., for the STRONG STAR Consortium. (2019). Mediation of suicidal ideation in prolonged exposure therapy for PTSD. Behaviour Research and Therapy, 119, 103409.

Brown, L. A., Contractor, A., & Benhamou, K. (2018). Posttraumatic stress disorder clusters and suicidal ideation. Psychiatry Research, 270, 238-245.

Brown, L. A., Gallagher, T., Petersen, J., Benhamou, K., Foa, E. B., & Asnaani, A. (2018). Does CBT for anxiety disorders exacerbate suicidal ideation? Findings from a naturalistic sample. Journal of Anxiety Disorders, 59, 10-16.

Asnaani, A., Kaczkurkin, A. N., Benhamou, K., Yarvis, J. S., Peterson, A. L., Young-McCaughan, S., Borah, E. V., Dondanville, K. A., Hembree, E. A., Litz, B. T., Mintz, J., Foa, E. B., for the STRONG STAR Consortium. (2018). The influence of posttraumatic stress disorder on health functioning in active duty military service members. Journal of Traumatic Stress, 31(2), 307-316.

Foa, E. B., McLean, C. P., Zandberg, L. J., Zang, Y., Asnaani, A., Benhamou, K., Rosenfield, D., Campbell, H., Francis, J, Hanson, B. S., Lillard, I. J., Patterson, T. J., Scott, V., Weber, C., Wise, J. E., Zamora, C. Mintz, J., Young-McCaughan, S., Peterson, A., L., for the STRONG STAR Consortium. (2017). The implementation of prolonged exposure: Design of a multisite study evaluating the usefulness of workshop with and without consultation. Contemporary Clinical Trials, 61, 48-54.

Benhamou, K., Baier, A. L., Zoellner, L. A., & Feeny, N. C. (2019, March). The role of dissociation in PTSD treatment dropout: Does treatment type matter? Poster session presentation at the 2019 Anxiety Disorders Association of America (ADAA) Annual Conference, Chicago, IL.

Benhamou, K., Brown, L. A., Contractor, A. (2018, November). Associations between posttraumatic stress disorder symptom clusters and suicidal ideation. Poster session presentation at the 2018 International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (ISTSS) Annual Conference, Washington, D.C.