Alex Uzdavines


Other Information

Research Areas: Adult Clinical Psychology

Area of Specialization – Adult Clinical Psychology

Research Advisor/MentorDr. Julie Exline

Research Interests – My overall goal is to investigate how the strength of an individual’s religious or nonreligious beliefs impacts their physical and mental wellbeing. Currently, I am working on how spiritual/belief related struggles impact both religious and nonreligious individuals and whether stronger forms of belief/nonbelief protect against these struggles. I am also interested in how the accumulation of stressful life events impacts individuals’ decisions to change their religious identifications, either moving toward or away from religion and how these changes then impact their wellbeing.

Recent Publications and Presentations: Uzdavines, A.W., Bradley, D.F., & Exline, J.J. Struggle and the Nonreligious: Do Weaker Forms of Nonbelief Increase Susceptibility to Spiritual Struggle? In J.B. Grubbs & J.J. Exline (Co-Chairs), Religious and spiritual struggles: New research frontiers. Symposium conducted at the APA Division 36 Mid-Year Conference on Religion and Spirituality, La Mirada, CA, Apr. 26, 2014.

Uzdavines, A.W., & Exline, J.J. Do Converts Report Stronger Faith than Others? A Poster Presented at the Psychology of Religion and Spirituality Preconference, Annual Meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, Austin, TX, Feb. 13, 2014.

Comments on the Program/Faculty – I appreciate that the program maintains a strong balance between clinical training and research. Both elements of the program are supported by the faculty and students have the space and training to grow in both arenas.