Abraham Wolf, Ph.D. was a licensed clinical psychologist who worked as a psychotherapist and researcher throughout his career. Abe earned his Ph.D. at the University of Mississippi, but it was his clinical internship that brought him to Cleveland. Over the years, Abe was promoted from staff psychologist to professor in the department of psychiatry. Abe was a trusted friend and respected colleague who devoted his career to the application and refinement of psychological treatments. Abe epitomized the ideals of the scientist-practicioner model. He won several awards for his contributions to the field, and he published numerous scholarly publications, including his 2013 book on protecting the therapeutic relationship.

Abe and his wife Idelle made a generous donation to the CWRU graduate training program in clinical psychology, with the express goal of supporting and encouraging research related to psychotherapy. We remain highly appreciative of the Wolf family and hope to use these funds to encourage high quality research on psychotherapy process or treatment outcome.

Students may apply for this in any year. Faculty may also apply. A review board determines who receives this award.

This research grant is designed to support high quality research on psychotherapy process or psychotherapy outcome. Proposals are reviewed based on the quality of the research design, the implication of the project on the practice of psychotherapy, and the appropriateness of the budget. For further information click here. Submit questions and applications to James Overholser.  For more information on the application process, click here.

To allocate your gift to the Abraham W. Wolf, Ph.D. Endowed Fund for Psychotherapy Research, simply click this link,  enter the amount you would like to give in the “Other” line, then add “Wolf Award” in the “Special Instructions” box.