CWRU Supervision manual for CHSC


The following outlines are the learning outcomes for clinical placements at CHSC, and the session evaluation forms. Please take a moment to review those learning outcomes that correspond with your clinical placements. Students, as a reminder, your COSI 452 text serves as a resource to help you achieve these outcomes. Copies of the Goldberg text in the grad carrel room are also resources for clinical skill development.

Session evaluation forms are designed to help the student/supervisor partners focus, in written form, on the attainment of specific learning outcomes. Please copy those forms that you will need for the semester.

Learning Outcomes – Adolescent Fluency Group

Learning outcomes – charter school services

Learning outcomes – diagnostic clinic

Learning Outcomes – Head Start Services for Therapy

Learning Outcomes – Head Start Services Language Classroom

Learning Outcomes – Head Start Services Screening Evaluation

Learning Outcomes – Individual Sessions

Learning Outcomes – Language Learning-Disabled Group

Learning Outcomes – Parent-Toddler Group

Learning Outcomes – Preschool Speech Group

Learning Outcomes – School-Aged Fluency Group

Learning outcomes – Speakeasy Choir

Learning Outcomes – Speakeasy Neurogenic Group