Norah Feeny receives R61 grant from NIMH titled “Treatment of Stress-Related Psychopathology: Targeting Maladaptive and Adaptive Event Processing”, in collaboration with the University of Delaware and the University of Washington.

PATH is an innovative intervention that builds on years of strong theoretical, experimental, and clinical work to target key interconnected maladaptive (unproductive processing, avoidance, and impaired reward sensitivity) and adaptive processes (updating/reappraisal, approach, and positive affect) related to persistent, stressful life event-related psychopathology (e.g., depression, posttraumatic stress disorder). This brief 6 session intervention focuses on processing of negative destabilizing life events, positive life events, and future events. It has the potential to enhance treatment engagement and outcome, build resilience, prevent relapse, and ultimately to reduce the substantial and costly burden of stressor-related psychopathology.