Speakeasy moves to online format during pandemic

Every Monday during the academic semesters graduate students from the Communication Sciences Program participate in a large group (25-33 members) with adults with acquired communication disorders (under faculty supervision). Group members have described this group as “their family”, making comments like “I look forward to Mondays every week”, and “When we don’t meet I miss my family.” “It’s my chance to really talk.” “I love seeing the students.” Unfortunately on March 13 all group members were informed that due to the COVID-19 pandemic they would not be able to meet.
Just 2 weeks later they were able to start online groups. COSI students continued to meet the needs of this special group of people. When questioned about the option of joining online groups,  members responses included: ” Sounds great!”  ” I can’t wait!” “VERY interested in doing this!” “I miss my friends, I can’t wait!” “XXX misses his Mondays very much and because we don’t [have group] on Mondays he is having a hard time keeping track of what day of the week it is.”
The groups have now been running for 6 weeks and participation has been great! Group members and their significant others continue to say “We can’t wait for Monday!”