Highlighting Dr. Brooke Macnamara

Meet Dr. Brooke Macnamara, a cognitive psychologist, who is a core faculty member in the DCAS program. Dr. Macnamara researches individual differences in cognitive ability, achievement, skill acquisition, and expertise, as well as factors that impact learning and complex human performance. Her current projects include: testing the premises of “mindset theory;” attempting to replicate the seminal “deliberate practice” study; meta-analytically examining predictors of sports world class performance among athletes; experimentally researching retrieval vs. algorithmic strategies in dynamic, spatial skills; investigating individual differences in learning and performance across different environmental contexts; and studying if and how artificial intelligence (AI) hinders learning or causes skill atrophy. She is the primary PhD advisor to Michael King (Year 5), Huangqi Jiang (Year 2), and Elijah Miller (Year 1). Dr. Macnamara will be the Director of the DCAS PhD program beginning July 1, 2019.