Tori Gallo

Communication Sciences

Other Information

Research Areas: Communication Sciences MA

Area of Specialization— Speech-language pathology

Research Interests—Throughout my time as an undergraduate student, I worked in the Purdue Infant Speech Lab under Dr. Amanda Seidl. We explored language development in children. Specifically, our work focused on whether measures of early speech perception, production, and the input to the child relate to later language in both typical development and in children at-risk for autism spectrum disorders.

Recent Publications— Kish, Allison M.; Courtaney, Katie; Dilger, Adi; Gallo, Tori; King, Lauren; Jarvis, Amy; Roberson, Ambry; Smith, Meredith; and                   Thottichira, Serina (2014) “Infants’ Speech Segmentation: The Impact of Mother-Infant Facial Synchrony,” The Journal of Purdue Undergraduate Research: Vol. 4, Article 3. DOI:

  •  Explores mother-infant facial expression synchrony and its relationship to a baby’s ability to learn and understand language.