Amy Przeworski

Assistant Professor

Amy Przeworski

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Dr. Przeworski’s work has been featured in newspapers and magazines such as, MSNBC, US News & World Report, The Times of India, The Huffington Post,, The Behavioral Medicine Report, Ideastream, and Marie Claire.


Research Interests

Our laboratory focuses on the maintenance and treatments of anxiety disorders across the lifespan. Maintenance factors of interest in our lab include cognitive, behavioral, and interpersonal factors. Our laboratory primarily (a) conducts laboratory based studies which examine family interactions in children with anxiety disorders or maintenance factors in adults with anxiety disorders (b) conducts questionnaire based studies of interpersonal dynamics and cognitive-behavioral factors that are related to anxiety disorders, and (c) develops novel treatments for children, adolescents, and adults with anxiety disorders. We are currently working on developing a family-based emotion-focused treatment for young children with anxiety disorders. We are also interested in the ways in which life events, such as having a parent leave for military deployment, may effect the family and possibly induce anxiety symptoms. Finally, we are interested in the role that culture may play in family dynamics in children with anxiety disorders.


Current Projects

  • Family Functioning in African American Children. This study examines how culture, parenting, and family interactions may contribute to the development of anxiety disorders, externalizing symptoms, or healthy functioning in African American families.
  • Family Functioning in Families of Deployed Veterans. This study examines characteristics of families of deployed veterans who are functioning well and those who are having difficulty with the adjustment. The goal is to examine child functioning, marital functioning, and coparenting within this sample.
  • Coming Out in the LGBQ Community. This online study focuses on the emotional experience of LGBQ individuals. The goal is to see to whom individuals have come out and what emotions surround this disclosure in every day life. To participate, please click here.
  • Child Anxiety in Young Children. This online study examines the family environment and emotion regulation of young children with selective mutism, separation anxiety disorder, social anxiety, shyness, OCD, or ADHD. To participate, please visit:
  • Play and Peers. This study is being conducted in area schools and examines young children’s peer interactions within the context of play. Young children engage in a few videotaped play tasks together and we look at children’s behavior to identify what behaviors each child engages in that foster the play and express emotion. If you work at a school or preschool and would like to have your students participate, please call 216-368-5022 and leave a message for Kimberly.
  • Interpersonal functioning in individuals with OCD or Hoarding. This is a series of online studies that assess aspects of relationship and interpersonal functioning in individuals with various types of OCD symptoms and hoarding symptoms. The goal is to understand more about the maladaptive interpersonal relationships of individuals with OCD or hoarding from the perspective of the individual with OCD and relationship partners. To participate please go to:


Graduate Student Research Assistants

Marco-Antonio Brown

Jennifer Birnkrant

Kimberly Dunbeck

Jessica Nasser

Nicole Pucci

Undergraduate Student Research Assistants

Our undergraduate research team is invaluable to our research. Current research assistants include:
Christine Hale
Anna Handorf
Sarah Mattila
Tosin Shenbanjo

**Prospective Graduate Students**

I am not planning to accept a new graduate student for the 2014-15 academic year

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