Silvia (Rodriguez) Hernandez

Clinical Psychology
Mather Memorial

Other Information

Research Areas: Adult Clinical Psychology

Area of Specialization – Geropsychology

Research Advisor/Mentor – Dr. James Overholser

Research InterestsI am interested in the intersection between Clinical and Gero Psychology. Specifically, I am interested in the factors that promote healthy aging and how they can be used in prevention and intervention strategies. My motivation to work with the elderly comes from a desire to maximize quality of life as people age by striving toward autonomy and self-acceptance, promoting community involvement, and improving social competence, well-being, diet, and exercise. My ultimate goal is to help individuals transform their negative or fearful perceptions of aging into a life process that is filled with excitement and meaning, while decreasing the negative stigma of aging deeply ingrained in our culture. As an advocate, I wish to better assist older adults via clinical practice, public service, and clinically meaningful research.

Selected Publications and PresentationsRodriguez, S. (April, 2016). Ability to recognize emotion in voices as a function of age and bilingualism. Poster presented at the annual Western Psychological Association convention, Long Beach, CA.

Favorite Part of the Program and Comments on the Faculty – One of the main qualities I was looking for when applying to programs was how approachable and caring the faculty are, and the faculty here at Case Western are exactly that. They are always available to their students and truly care about our success in the program. Given our training and opportunities, I am confident I will be a well-rounded and highly prepared internship and licensure candidate in the future.