Phuonguyen V. (Hailey) Chu


Other Information

Research Areas: Clinical Psychology PhD

Area of Specialization – Child Clinical Psychology

Research Advisor/Mentor – Dr. Arin Connell

Research Interests – I am interested in the development and implementation of evidence-based interventions for anxiety-related difficulties among minority youth. Specifically, identifying and leveraging culturally specific mechanisms that underlie the development of anxiety to inform more individualized and appropriate interventions for youth and their families.

Selected Recent Publications & Presentations:

Freitag, G.F., Salem, H., Conroy, K., Busto, C., Adrian, M., Borba, C.P.C., Brandt, A., Chu, P.V., Dantowitz, A., Farley, A., Fortuna, L., Furr, J.M., Lejeune, J., Miller, L., Platt, R., Porche, M., Read, K.L., Rivero-Conil, S., Sanchez Hernandez, R.D., Shumway, P., Sikov, J., Spencer, A., Syeda, H., McLellan, L.F., Rapee, R.M., McMakin, D., Pincus, D.B., Comer, J.S. (2023). The Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System (PROMIS) pediatric and parent-proxy short forms for anxiety: Psychometric properties in the Kids FACE FEARS Sample. Journal of Anxiety Disorders.

Dawson, G. C., Adrian, M., Chu, P.V., McCauley, E., & Vander Stoep, A. (2022). Associations between sex, rumination, and depressive symptoms in late adolescence: A four-year longitudinal investigation. Journal of Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology, 1–11.

Adrian, M., Blossom, J. B., Chu, P. V., Jobes, D. A., McCauley, E. (2021). Collaborative assessment and management of suicidality for teens: A promising frontline intervention for addressing adolescent suicidality. Practice Innovations

Chu, P. V., Le, V., Sun, M., Lau A.S. (2020). Multilingualism versus monolingualism and the following of sociocultural rules. Journal of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences27, 34-38

Blossom, J. B., Read, K. L., Chu, P. V., Sullivan, G., & Voelpel, A. (November 2020). Implementing stepped care services to enhance access to evidence-based pediatric anxiety treatment. Symposium presented at the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies Annual Convention, Philadelphia, PA.

Ben-Zeev, D., Buck, B., Chu, P. V., Razzano, L., Pashka, N., & Hallgren, K. A. (2019). Transdiagnostic mobile health: Smartphone intervention reduces depressive symptoms in people with mood and psychotic disorders. JMIR Mental Health, 6(4), e13202.