Alex Rothbaum


Other Information

Research Areas: Adult Clinical Psychology

Area of Specialization – Adult Clinical Psychology

Research Advisor/MentorNorah Feeny

Research Interests – My primary interests are in the realm of trauma, specifically PTSD. I am interested in clinical and health outcomes in patients that have experienced trauma and/or have PTSD as well as the underlying biological processes of PTSD. Additionally, I am very interested in integrating screening, prevention, and treatment for PTSD into pre-hospital and hospital settings.

Selected Publications and Presentations – Rothbaum, B.O., Kearns, M.C., Reiser, E., Davis, J., Kerley, K.A., Rothbaum, A.O.; Mercer, K.B.; Price, M.; Houry, D., & Ressler, K.J. (in press). Early Intervention following Trauma Mitigates genetic Risk for PTSD in Civilians: A Prospective, Emergency Department Study. Accepted for publication in Journal of Clinical Psychiatry.

Few, L.R., Miller, J.D., Rothbaum, A., Meller, S., Maples, J., Terry, D., Collins, B., & MacKillop, J. (2013) Examination of the Section III DSM-5 Diagnostic System for Personality Disorders in an Outpatient Clinical Sample. Journal of Abnormal Psychology.

Rothbaum, B.O., Garcia-Palacios, A., & Rothbaum, A.O. (2012). Treating Anxiety Disorders with Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy. Revista de Psiquiatría y Salud Mental (English Edition).

Murphy, C.M., Stojek, M.K., Few, L.R., Rothbaum, A.O., MacKillop, J. (2014). Craving as an Alcohol Use Disorder Symptom in DSM-5: An Empirical Examination in a Treatment-seeking Sample. Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology.

Kearns, M.C., Rothbaum, A.O., Youngner, C.G., Burton, M.S., McCarthy, A. & Rothbaum, B.O. (in press). Prevention of PTSD. To appear in Marilyn Safir, Helene Wallach and Skip Rizzo (Eds.), Recent Developments in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Springer.

Rothbaum, A.O. (co-chair, March 2014). Psychological Risk Factors for PTSD in a Prospective Civilian ED Study, presentation at a symposium entitled Biological and Psychological Predictors of PTSD in Civilians. Symposium accepted for presentation at the Anxiety and Depression Association of America Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL.

Rothbaum, A.O. (March 2014). IV Opiate Administration Post-Trauma in an Emergency Department Prospectively Attenuated PTSD Risk, presentation at symposium entitled Novel Methods of Prevention and Intervention for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. Symposium accepted for presentation at the Anxiety and Depression Association of American Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL.