Amy Przeworski

Associate Professor | Anxiety Disorders, Diversity, & Family Functioning

Mather Memorial Building 146

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Specialty: Psychology

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Dr. Przeworski’s work has been featured in newspapers and magazines such as, MSNBC, US News & World Report, The Times of India, The Huffington Post,, The Behavioral Medicine Report, Ideastream, and Marie Claire.






Research Interests

Our laboratory focuses on the maintenance and treatments of anxiety disorders across the lifespan and anxiety in individuals of diverse backgrounds (including individuals of diverse ethnicity and LGBTQ individuals). Maintenance factors of interest in our lab include cognitive, behavioral, and interpersonal factors. Our laboratory primarily (a) conducts laboratory based studies which examine family interactions in children with anxiety disorders or maintenance factors in adults with anxiety disorders (b) conducts questionnaire based studies of interpersonal dynamics and cognitive-behavioral factors that are related to anxiety disorders, and (c) develops novel treatments for children, adolescents, and adults with anxiety disorders.


Current Graduate Students

Alex Piedra
Elisa Borrero
Emily Peterson
Hailey Chu



**Prospective Graduate Students**

I am planning to accept a new graduate student for the upcoming academic year

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