Get to Know the First Year Clinical Psychology Cohort

Alexandra Piedra is from Miami, Florida. Her clinical and research interests focus on anxiety disorders in children and is advised by Dr. Amy Przeworski. In her spare time, Alexandra likes to bake and watch stand-up comedy, usually both at the same time.

Kathy Benhamou is from Queens, New York. Her primary research interest is in PTSD treatment outcomes and processes. Kathy is most interested in investigating empirically supported treatments for PTSD, and specifically, understanding for whom these treatments work best and studying underlying mechanisms of improvement with the intention of optimizing care. Additionally, she interested in the dissemination and implementation of evidence-based practices for PTSD. Her adviser in the program is Dr. Norah Feeny. In her spare time, Kathy likes to read, draw, hike, explore new places, and go to yoga. She is also likely the most avid Harry Potter fan you’ll ever meet and is an amateur archer!

Liliana Varman is from Houston, Texas. She will be working in Dr. Jim Overholser’s lab. Her research interests focus primarily on risk factors for suicide in adult populations. In her free time, Liliana enjoys attending theater and live music performances.

Chelsea Day is from Cleveland, Ohio. Her main research interests focus on the etiology, symptom expression, and maintenance factors of internalizing disorders in children with disabilities (i.e., learning disabilities, developmental delays, etc.). Chelsea is co-mentored in the program by Dr. Amy Przeworski and Dr. Betsy Short. In her spare time, Chelsea likes to travel whenever and wherever possible! She has been to 14 countries in the past few years, most recently Iceland.

Samuel Seidman is from New Jersey. His area of interest is in depression, adolescence, memory, executive functioning, and other neurocognitive mechanisms. In the program, he is advised by Dr. Arin Connell. In his spare time, Sam likes to attend the New York Comic Con, having gone seven years in a row!