Fall Semester Event Highlights

To kick off the fall semester, the Psychological Sciences Graduate Student Organization (PSGSO) hosted a “personalized” trivia night. The first round was based on responses by students and faculty to help the department know each other better. Other rounds included CWRU, Cleveland, and pop culture trivia. The “Freudian Slips” (clinical psychology graduate students Alison Athey, Ellie Beale, Alex Vu, and clinical faculty member Dr. Sandy Russ) won the evening. Clinical faculty member Dr. Jim Overholser donated a painting done by him as a prize and Ellie Beale was the lucky winner. Others in the winning team and the runner-up team got Starbucks or movie theater gift cards. The runner-up team included clinical faculty member Dr. Julie Exline and graduate students Annie Kotynski, Alex Piedra, and Jess Kusina.

Alex Vu, Ellie Beale, Alison Athey, Dr. Sandra Russ

Ellie Beale

Psychology graduate students & faculty

In October, the Wellness Committee hosted a pumpkin carving competition, which took place in the department. Dr. Norah Feeny and her son Quinn participated and Dr. Julie Exline judged the pumpkins. The judge chose their pumpkin as the winner. There was Halloween music playing and snacks. Pumpkins were displayed in the main office and served as fun Halloween décor!

Dr. Norah Feeny and son

Jessie Kusina and Alexis Lee

Alex Piedra, Glen Dawson, Lexi Smith

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