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Communications Sciences Honors Program

During their junior year, qualified communication disorders majors are encouraged to apply to the Department’s Honors program, which leads to a B.A. with Honors in Communication Sciences. The purpose of the program is to provide the student with an intensive, supervised research experience in an area of his or her choice.

Students must have completed PSCL 282 and PSCL 375 before beginning the Honors program. Students participating in the Honors program enroll in COSI 395 during their fall or spring semester of their senior year. The student chooses a faculty mentor and works under the close supervision of that faculty member to complete their project. At the end of the semester, the student submits a written manuscript (e.g., report of the research project) or product for consideration of graduation with Honors in Communication Sciences.

Juniors with a 3.25 average in coursework required for the major and an overall grade-point of 3.0 may apply. The Honors program provides research experience of considerable value to a student interested in a career in research and as such requires a great deal of work. Only those students with a serious interest in communication disorders should apply. For further information, students should consult with the undergraduate advisor.