Mark Burton

Clinical Psychology

Other Information

Research Areas: Adult Clinical Psychology

Area of Specialization – Adult Clinical Psychology

Research Advisor/MentorDr. Norah Feeny

Research Interests – I am currently studying multiple factors that influence the development and treatment of PTSD, including dissociation, childhood traumatization and life-stress. More broadly, I am interested in understanding different types of trauma response and the application of exposure therapy to different types of psychopathology.

Recent Publications & PresentationsBurton, M., Youngner, C.G., McCarthy, A. Rothbaum, A.O., & Rothbaum, B.O. (2014). Enhancing Exposure Therapy for PTSD Using D-Cycloserine. To appear in Marilyn Safir, Helene Wallach and Skip Rizzo (Eds). Future Directions In PTSD: Prevention, Diagnosis And Treatment. Springer.

Burton, M., Feeny, N., Zoellner, L., (March, 2014). The relationship between childhood trauma and dissociation among adults with PTSD. Poster presentation at the 34th annual Anxiety and Depression Association of America conference, Chicago, IL.

Burton, M., Feeny, N., Zoellner, L. (April, 2013). The presentation of dissociation and rumination within PTSD: evidence for independent cognitive mechanisms. Poster presentation at the 33rd annual Anxiety and Depression Association of America conference. La Jolla, CA.

Burton, M., Feeny, N., Zoellner, L., (November, 2013). The relationship between dissociation and PTSD symptoms in a clinical sample. Poster presentation at the 47th annual Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies meeting. Nashville, TN.

Youngner, C. G., Burton, M.S., Price, M., Zimmerman, L., Kearns, M.C., Houry, D. & Rothbaum B.O. (2012). Contributions of Prior Trauma and Peritraumatic Dissociation to Predicting Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder Outcome Immediately after a Traumatic Event. Western Journal of Emergency Medicine, 13(3).

Favorite Parts of the Program – The program provides a truly balanced mix of research and clinical opportunities, giving students a more comprehensive experience to better inform their professional development.

Comments on the Faculty – The faculty are all very supportive of student’s research and clinical needs, professional development and general well-being.