Eleanor Beale


Clinical Psychology

Other Information

Research Areas: Adult Clinical Psychology

Area of Specialization – Adult Clinical Psychology

Research Advisor/Mentor – Dr. James Overholser

Research Interests – I am interested broadly in researching depression, suicide risk, and clinical advancements in treating suicidal adults. I am particularly interested in the overlap of scientific research and clinical application, especially in high-risk populations (i.e. individuals with chronic or acute suicidal ideation).

Selected Recent Publications & Presentations: Villegas, A. C., DuBois, C. M., Celano, C. M., Beale, E. E., Mastromauro, C. A., Stewart, J. G., . . . Hoeppner, B. B. (2017). A longitudinal investigation of the Concise Health Risk Tracking Self-Report (CHRT-SR) in suicidal patients during and after hospitalization. Psychiatry Research, in press.

Kleiman, E. M., Turner, B. J., Fedor, S., Beale, E. E., Huffman, J. C., & Nock, M. K. (2017). Examination of Real-Time Fluctuations in Suicidal Ideation and Its Risk Factors: Results From Two Ecological Momentary Assessment Studies, Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 126(6), 726-738.

Celano, C., Beale, E. E., Mastromauro, C., Stewart, J., Millstein, R., Auerbach, R., . . . Huffman, J. (2017). Psychological interventions to reduce suicidality in high-risk patients with major depression: a randomized controlled trial. Psychological Medicine, 47(5), 810-821.

Huffman, J. C., Boehm, J. K., Beach, S. R., Beale, E. E., DuBois, C. M., & Healy, B. C. (2016). Relationship of optimism and suicidal ideation in three groups of patients at varying levels of suicide risk. Journal of Psychiatric Research, 77, 76-84.

Beach, S. R., Januzzi, J. L., Mastromauro, C. A., Healy, B. C., Beale, E. E., Celano, C. M., & Huffman, J. C. (2013). Patient Health Questionnaire-9 score and adverse cardiac outcomes in patients hospitalized for acute cardiac disease. Journal of psychosomatic research, 75(5), 409-413.