Leah Beekman


Communication Sciences

Other Information

Research Areas: Communication Sciences PhD

Program:  Communication Sciences

Advisor:  Dr. Angela Ciccia

Interests and Current Research:  My research interests focus on the importance of sarcasm in childhood language development both academically and socially. I currently am involved in two research projects. One focusing on identifying neurodevelopment disabilities in underserved children, using telepractice and the other identifying the most commonly understood multiple-meaning words, metaphors, oxymorons and paradoxes, in typically developing children.

Favorite parts of the program:  The best part about the communication sciences department is the selective acceptance. This allows for the much needed one-on-one time with supervisors, mentors and other students. By having a limited number of students, Case provides not only a more personalized experience but also a more productive one.

Another wonderful aspect is that the faculty at the university is all extremely supportive, in and out of my personal program. The collaborative spirit is what makes this university truly unique.

Addressing Ambiguous Language Deficits Within the Autism Spectrum: A Pilot Study of a Sarcasm Intervention

Defining Multiple-Meaning Words, Oxymorons, Metaphors and Paradoxes: How Children, Who are Typically Developing, Perform This Task

Finding The Coconut Of Communication: A Case Study of Ambiguous Language Use

Speech Language Pathologist Make Good Snacks: Estimating Effectiveness of Ambiguous Language Use