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Experimental Psychology

Welcome to Experimental Psychology!

As Director of the Experimental Psychology Program at Case Western Reserve University, I would like to welcome you to experimental psychology. Whether this is your first exposure or you have a lot of experience in psychology, there has never been a more exciting time to be in experimental psychology. Important questions are being answered by experimental psychologists all over the world, including here at Case Western Reserve University. Why is now such a good time? The tools we have available to use are more powerful now than at any time in the past. Available tools include fMRI, average evoked potentials, new and informative assessment tools, and statistical techniques that have not been possible until recently. We are entering into a golden age of experimental psychology, and you should be excited to be a part of it. Whether your interests lie in developmental psychology, cognitive psychology, affective neuroscience, behavioral genetics, intelligence, or developmental disorders, experimental psychology at Case Western Reserve University is the place to be.

Contact me, Dr. Elizabeth J Short, Director of Experimental Training or any of our top notch faculty for more information.

Page last modified: July 27, 2016